Metered Street Parking

In the FCEC area, Downtown Appleton’s parking meters generally cost $1.00 per hour, and are limited to two hours from 9am-6pm. Street parking is free after 6pm on weekdays and all day on Sundays and holidays.

Download the free Passport Parking App on your Apple or Android devices. Payment for parking can be made by debit or credit card. The app allows users to extend parking time remotely – provided it is within the time limit of the parking space. Users can also receive notifications when their time is about to expire. The meters will still accept coins for users that prefer that method. The app is available for use at all of the almost 1,000 metered parking spaces across downtown. See a quick demo video.

Parking Ramps

There are four parking ramps located near the Fox Cities Exhibition Center in Downtown Appleton, providing safe, convenient parking. Each ramp features a unique color-code (Green, Red, Yellow and Purple) to be easily recognized.

  • The Red (Hilton Appleton Paper Valley), Green (PAC/Fox Cities Performing Arts Center) and Yellow (East on Washington St.) parking garages are now pay-as-you-exit and accept cash, credit cards, permits and validated hotel cards.  Regular rates are just $2 for less than 3 hours, $3 for 3-4 hours, and $5 for over 4 hours.
  • The Purple (Soldier’s Square/YMCA Ramp) parking garage charges $2, with a 3-hour maximum stay. (For parking garage locations, see map below.)
  • NOTE for GROUPS: Special parking arrangements can be made for groups. For more information, see: Group Parking Arrangements
  • The Hilton Appleton Paper Valley provides an optional $7.00 per night parking validation fee which grants unlimited entry and exit access to our customers in the Red Ramp on Superior Street Only.
  • NOTE for those requiring an ELEVATOR from the parking ramp into the Hilton Appleton Paper Valley (such as the elderly, disabled, those with large suitcases or vendors with carts to transport materials): We recommend utilizing the Green Ramp (entrance located on Division Street by the Performing Arts Center) as it affords easy elevator access to the FCEC and Hilton Appleton Paper Valley via the Skyway over College Ave. and Lawrence St.  However, the regular City Parking Ramp rates (see above) would apply in the Green Ramp.
  • There are no plug-in chargers within the parking ramps. For more information on locations where these can be found, visit PlugShare or ChargePoint.

** To Easily Download and Print the parking information on this page, see our PDF **

exhibition center

Parking information courtesy of Appleton Downtown, Inc.


exhibition center
exhibition center
exhibition center